The Cardinal has flown

Well, the nest is empty this morning.  What nest?  Oh, yes … some history first.

My wife and I live in a townhouse, joined with the other at the garage.  And, between the two garage doors is a bush.  This year the bush is doing so well that a pair of Cardinals decided it was a great place to build a nest and start a new family.  I first noticed “him” beating around the bush, paying far more attention to it than I’m used to.  Then, “she” started taking to the bush.

Well, they were fine there, though our comings and goings often disturbed their calm.  And they stayed on, even after the lawn people trimmed the bush back, barely leaving the nest covered (I’m sure THAT really traumatized the family).

And, there seemed to be activity in the nest when Mom wasn’t around.  So, that was good.

Yesterday, my wife noticed that the young one seemed pretty grown-up.  So, this morning I decided to take a peak and … the nest was empty.

Now, there are several possibilities with that.  Some good, some not so good.  But, the one I choose to believe is that there is now a proud mother Cardinal out there teaching her young one what it’s like to be a Cardinal, despite all the difficulties she went through hatching and raising him/her.

May the wind be ever at their backs, and the sun shine warm upon their wings …

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