Six Periods of Songwriting … 4 thru 5

4 – New York, after Military

After I got out of the Service I lived at home, was dating a girl named Sue and was writing a lot of music.  I made several attempts at playing the local bar scenes, getting mixed reviews, but mostly positive.  But, I passed on an offer to join a band and I messed-up a trip to Boston to get my songs heard.  I wrote about that last one in my Blogspot.  You can read about it more at this link (Year-I-Leaped-and-Missed).

I wrote a lot of songs about my relationships: both before and after the breakups.  Sounds like Taylor Swift’s music.  But, I assure you they weren’t that good and were targeted at a different audience. LOL.

It was during this period that I picked-up playing the 12-string guitar: both acoustic and electric.  I got a better amp and lugged them around .. even down to Bob’s place.


5 – Early Minnesota

My early MN years are split between the apartment near work and the house on Alice Ct.  At the apartment, I used the speaker cab of my amp system as a writing table (laying it face down on the floor).  But, at the house I managed to buy a small table for working on.  I also bought a small electric piano to help with song development.  I tried making multi-take records on tape, dubbing in the piano.  But, soon gave up on that.

I tested the waters on sending out tapes to music producers.  No go.  The kindest replies I got back were that they were not looking for my style of music.  Otherwise, I mostly just never heard back.

I also tried out for a music competition.  But, I didn’t have the gear for making a good impression and the songs I chose to perform were some of my less developed (read as “newly written”) and did not impress the judges.

Now, the Early Minnesota period is really a long one because it includes my early married years.  I didn’t do much writing or performing during that latter period.  So, there is not much to mention.  But, I continued to play guitar and piano, even composing songs on the piano: something I hadn’t done much of before this.


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