And the path goes on …

I have had two other sites for the Sounds of Ray.  But, when I had the chance to try out WordPress … I was hooked!  So, here is the third edition of the Sounds of Ray.

Being driven by WordPress, this site is part info site, part blog.  In the blog, you will find short notes about a wide variety of topics: all relating to me or my music.  So, take the tour or just jump around.  But, whatever you do, remember … this is all about the love of music and the joy of sharing it.

The banner images come from stock photos from ImageAfter.com …. a very nice site for obtaining royalty free images. There are 52 different banner images that rotate through (except for 2 pages that are fixed).

Oh .. BTW … I added 5 more (total of 57 now) banners that are pictures from Second Life™, including one of “me” at my desk in the Den at Weyland Manor, Winterfell Reverie, SL.

Other images on the site come from SL: both my properties and others.

Oh, OK … yes, there are a few images from Real Life too 🙂

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