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Another Blog???

Hi all.  After a l-l-o-o-n-n-g-g stretch of silence, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve created another Blog.  What?  Another one?!!  Well, my intentions are to have this site dedicated to information about my music and the “Other … Continue reading

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The Cardinal has flown

Well, the nest is empty this morning.  What nest?  Oh, yes … some history first. My wife and I live in a townhouse, joined with the other at the garage.  And, between the two garage doors is a bush.  This … Continue reading

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How the Music Started

It all started … HA!  Now that is a corny line.  Mainly because it’s not true.  My evolution into writing was just that: an evolution. My ENJOYMENT of music started back at “The Cabin,” mentioned in A History, Part 1.  … Continue reading

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Personal History, Part 2

So, after a year in that special location known as Carterville, we moved to Leonardsville.  Now, that is a small town in the Unadilla River valley: very peaceful town.  I could walk to school .. it was across the street … Continue reading

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Why Second Life?

Five years ago I had not heard of Second Life ™, which may be the case with some of you.  And, those of you who have heard of it may have a completely different idea of it than I do. … Continue reading

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the Early Years, Part 1

My early life (in Upstate New York) was not too outstanding.  I was just a normal kid who drew on walls with crayons (because it was pretty) and plastered himself with a whole tube of toothpaste pretending to be a wild native … Continue reading

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Ray … Who?

Haha!  It’s not like the the name is unique.  I bet there are a million people out there who say “Yes?” when someone shouts out “Hey, Ray!” I simplified it all because when I joined Second Life ™, I decided … Continue reading

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