Oh .. t’is a sad, sad story here … HA!  Don’t believe it.  Most of it has had its ups-and-down, for sure.  But, it’s been a grand journey .. with much more road ahead of it, I’d hope!

Anyway, here are some Posts that relate to my musical history ….

How the Music Started

It all started … HA!  Now that is a corny line.  Mainly because it’s not true.  My evolution into writing was just that: an evolution. My ENJOYMENT of music started back at “The Cabin,” mentioned in A History, Part 1.  … Continue reading

Six Periods of Songwriting – Period 1

Continuing the story … in Utica I not only continued playing the piano.  But, started working with the church organ.  I had mixed feeling about that.  It was harder to play than the piano.  but, it had so many new … Continue reading

Six Periods of Songwriting … Periods 2 and 3

2 – Early Military When I left for Basic Training, I left my guitar back home.  But, at Tech School, I had a lot of free time.  So, I went into town and bought another 6-string and started writing songs.  … Continue reading

Six Periods of Songwriting … 4 thru 5

4 – New York, after Military After I got out of the Service I lived at home, was dating a girl named Sue and was writing a lot of music.  I made several attempts at playing the local bar scenes, … Continue reading

Six Periods of Songwriting … 6 Plus

6 – Later Minnesota – I’d say the “Later Minnesota” years started after 2002, basically after I started “recording” my songs.  At first I was using a fairly old computer to record with.  But, in 2005 I decided to commit … Continue reading

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