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the Early Years, Part 1

My early life (in Upstate New York) was not too outstanding.  I was just a normal kid who drew on walls with crayons (because it was pretty) and plastered himself with a whole tube of toothpaste pretending to be a wild native … Continue reading

Personal History, Part 2

So, after a year in that special location known as Carterville, we moved to Leonardsville.  Now, that is a small town in the Unadilla River valley: very peaceful town.  I could walk to school .. it was across the street … Continue reading

Personal History, Part 3

Now, where did I leave off?  Ahhhh .. Utica!  Now, that was a whole new story.  A completely new set of discoveries and friends.  It was where I (and some friends) discovered rockets from Estes, and that leads to all … Continue reading

Personal History, Part 4

So, let’s see … Syracuse University, Smith College of Engineering.  The College isn’t really important other than I thought I should become an Aerospace Engineer.  Well, that proved difficult for a person who doesn’t study his butt off.  So, we … Continue reading

Personal History, Part 5a

Post Syracuse with Uncle Sam. I can’t begin to tell you everything here, and do you really want to know?  But, here’s the short of it, anyway. During my last year at Syracuse, my father left the ministry and the … Continue reading

Personal History, Part 5b

Now, I’m a little fuzzy on the sequence of events in these next few months. I’m not fuzzy on what happened, just when.  I had been seeing this one young lady (whom I’ll call Penny) in particular and she decided … Continue reading

Personal History, Part 6

Well, I’ve just got out of the Service and I’m looking for my fun … no, no … that’s the song.  I was just looking for a job.  I began living with my parents and dating Sue.  I played my … Continue reading

Personal History, Part 7

Again, for the sake of sanity (yours), I’ll just hit the high points of the next 40 years. For two years (1976-78) I lived just across the street from work at Sperry Univac.  The plant was in Eagan, MN, a … Continue reading

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