Here is a schedule of where I’m playing. Most will be in SL. But, you can never tell .. a RL one might sneak in there once in a while.

My standard show in SL is  … well … not standard anymore.  You might catch me once in a while at one of my personal stages (I have several).  But, not at my old show spots, since most have closed down.  (PS: the page banner is actually taken from an older, but similar, version of the CCS stage.)

NOTE: Because of Real Life issues, a show can be cancelled at any time.  But, I may still play as time permits.  Check back here .. posted below.  And, in truth, at the moment I am not well equipped to perform in RL.  So, SoundCloud is the most likely place to hear my music.

Special Events List ...

Below is a list of special events you can hear/see me at. Note that SL events are scheduled as Pacific Time. All others are local time zones.
Date and TimeWhereInformation
Nothing, yetBut in you are in SL, check out one of the shows above.

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