I know I don’t sing as well as the professionals … not even close, even with pitch correction (LOL). So, having the lyrics someplace might be of some benefit. Here is where you can find them.

I had previously intended on listing all my lyrics here, even for songs I haven’t published, yet. There are 27 (or more) songs of mine out on SoundCloud. But, I decided I was just going to list the ones on my EPs first. Eventually, hopefully, most of them will end up here, having been published on at least one EP (there should be ten by the time I’m done). So, follow the link for the EP of interest below to see the back stories and lyrics for each song.

All songs on the EPs can be found on most Streaming sites. I do produce a limited number of CDs I create myself (printed/burned one-by-one).

EP1 – of Crawdads and other things …   Where the Crawdads Sing, Wonders of Kathleen, Plan B, That Day, Sing Me a Sweet Song

(Coming Soon) EP2 – People and Places  …  Julianna, Cheshire Moon, Angela, I Don’t Want to Go to Pittsburgh, Rusty Rails

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