Here is a short list of my songs.  There are lyrics, info tid-bits, and some mp3s to listen to, even buy, where indicated.  It’s a work in progress. Songs get added. As things get added, the “Yes” will actually become a link to that resource. Finally, under Song Lists are blog posts that group my songs in different ways (as indicated in the Post Title).

Just a few of My Songs

List of songs, "Yes" marks which have info and/or an MP3 available, or even an MP3 for sale.
Can You Hear MeOriginal Song from CDYesYes
Can You Hear Me (reprise)Updated song with Strings and Horns added.YesYes
Alice (reprise)Updated version, pizzicato strings.YesYes
Lookin' Back, Lord(NOT a Gospel song)YesYes
What's the Cost of Freedomone of the first I recordedYesYes
Ray's ThemeAnother oldieYesYes
Song to a FriendA song about soemone being a special friendYesYes
A Girl Named StrawAbout a girl I knew a long time agoYesYes
To Estheran SL song of friendsYesYes
Come Sailing with Me (on a Second Life Sea)Another SL songYesYes
Dance with Me, M'LadyAny Life ... but triggered by SL. SL Video on YouTube.YesYesYes
Sweet Daughter of SunshineAn SL favorite .. maybe RL too, if I played there.YesYes
Sunshine So Pretty1 of 3 early Mn songyes
I Don't Want to Go to Pittsburgh2 of 3 early MN song set.YesYes
Wisconsin3 of 3 early MN songYesYes
Don't Bother Telling My Bonnie Where I AmFun early songYes
Come Cloudy Weathervery early songYes
The Roadvery recent songYes
Sing Me a Sweet Songvery resent, based on RL/SL audience member.Yes
Watch that Mississippi RollEarly MN ... exactly what it saysYes

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