So, what is life or a web site without a few pictures and such? 


Ray Pascoe, Jr.

The REAL me.

This is a fairly recent picture of me. For the most part, no change, except for the addition of a pound or two. But, that doesn’t show in the picture anyway. 🙂 


Ray Pascoe, Jr

The REAL me ... MUCH younger.

This is the “me” in the early 70’s … a little more hair, a little less elsewhere. I’m actually playing at a friend’s house in upstate New York. As I mentioned in a post somewhere (or will mention), I did play my music in a few places around the area. Too bad I didn’t pursue it more. 


Front of CD

Front image from CD

Back of CYHM CD

The Back of the CD

This is a shot of both the cover and back of the only published CD I have. It is a single release of “Can You hear Me” … the original. I have a “Reprise” version on MP3 with additional orchestration.  

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