Although there aren’t many references to me out there in Real Life (RL), there are a lot of SL references.  So, I thought it would be fun to list some of them here.  Please note, if you Google “Ray Pascoe”, you will get lots of hits.  Unfortunately, most are NOT me.

However, if you Google “Ray Weyland” more of those top level hits are actually me.  So, to save you the time and frustration, I will list a few here ..  (personal note here: THAT stage is gone.  But, I hope Madelin’s comments about me and my songs continue as always.)  (Feb 21,  2010, entry .. near bottom of entry, about 1/3 down the page: Calypso Coffee Spot – my stage.)

There is *one* RL link I should add here.  I reference it in my “Music History.”  But, I’ll pull it out and put it here, too.   is the link to where I am featured commenting on my song “What’s the Cost of Freedom” (I’m the second from the left).

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